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How To Transfer Photos Onto Wood With Transparency
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21 July, 2017

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Choosing the right firewood is essential to having good fires and keeping a fireplace in good operating condition. Some woods, like pines, have high levels of resins that produce creosote when burned. Creosote can adhere to chimneys and build up over time to dangerous levels, which can cause fires because creosote is very flammable. Hardwoods, like oak and hard maple, are the best firewood. Some woods, like willow and sycamore, have high-moisture contents and dry to burn almost like paper. Check a firewood guide before splitting or buying wood for firewood. Once firewood has been split, it''t split. Softwoods like pine and cedar may split too easily.

Try color, smell and weight. Oaks, maples and similar woods can sometimes be identified by color, generally pale. Walnut has a distinctive brown shade, pine is whitish or yellowish, cedar is darker. Oak, pecan and some other woods have pungent odors, especially when freshly cut. Lift comparable pieces of wood. Oaks and other hardwoods will be heavier, pines and conifers are lighter, and porous woods like willow and sycamore are very light.